It’ll Leave a Mark


My partner in Crime … was trying on hats, but put this one on backwards!

It just MIGHT leave a mark, BUT still Try new things.  It does help to have a partner in crime, and I do. 

Laugh as much as you can–especially at yourself.  I think this is key to having a happy life in the midst of failure and defeat–or trying times.  If you take yourself too seriously you will burn out way to quickly.  

This past New Year’s weekend was spent working with family to make our magic work for a young couple who were getting married.  I love my crazy family.  We laugh, we cry, and we KNOW how to throw a party.  Just sayin’.

We came together as we often do to help each other out.  Families always have their quirky memebers.  I am always HOT and everyone else is cold.  I don’t smoke and am alergic to even wood smoke–there were two bonfires and lots of ciggy smokin’ goin on–I was the odd ball out this time around.  I am coughing and hacking like an old hag on her last leg.  Everyone laughed, and harassed each other in the midst of this hectic time–INSTEAD of getting bent out of shape we laughed at each other’s weird quirks.  I admit I have more than the norm–and they were all good sports about it– cuz that’s how we roll.  BUT the best Laughing moment of the whole weekend took place between me and my Mother at her house trying WORKOUT BANDS.

I was getting jiggy with my band–code for probably going beyond my abilities–because I was showing her and RUNNING my mouth.  I balanced my large rumpass on my mother’s workout bench lifted one foot, inserted that foot into the band, leaned back “raised my hands to the level of my eye” (did you get that Phantom of the Opera reference?), then lifted the other foot off the ground while I flexed the foot in the band out and back.  Cue note to self–raise your hands above your head.  GREAT.  Everything went great.  My Mama walked in and stated, “You better watch out that could slap you in the face.”  Dun Dun Doooooouuuunnn.


Yep that’s a Head smack.

All went well … UNTIL … I changed feet.  Before I could raise my hands ABOVE the level of my eye, that band popped off my foot and Smacked me HARD on the forehead.  Mike shouted from the other room, You guys alright in there?”  My mom and I busted out laughing.  We laughed so hard my mother was jumping up and down trying not to wet herself before she could get to the bathroom.  We just couldn’t quit laughing.  And of course I had to take a picture of it.  A laugh that good you just can’t keep it to yourself!  

Moral of the story?  Laugh at your boo boo’s — it will do your heart good!



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