F-Yo Lifestyle Change

  ****Trigger Alert.  F-bombs abound in this post****

Yeah, you read me right.  Fuck your Gracious Lifestyle Change comment about my health.  You don’t know ONE Damn thing about me.  And just so ya know … When you smile condescendingly and tell me it is all in my head (that I can’t lose weight) and that if I just put my mind to it I could make it happen … I think to myself what a self-righteous idiot you are.  I realize you have NO depth of intelligence and you lack even the basest level of understanding to think you can speak to a person’s health issues without having any background information.  Are you a medical professional?  Oh, I know your multi-level marketing guru told you ….. Yep … You are a dweeb.

Go on and judge me.  Go on and THINK you know something about being healthy that I don’t.  You just show your own stupidity.  I pray you never have to suffer what I have suffered, and that you get to continue life in the bliss you now know–with a body that WORKS.  I would hate for you to learn for yourself that you really are more ignorant than a rock–by suffering the pain and agony that I have experienced.  Because, honestly, I couldn’t even wish this on the nasty people who think it is their job in life to yell insults at me from their cars as I peddled down the HWY.  Your comments about what I should do with my body, with NO background info or even a Fucking invitation by me to share your less-than-brillant thoughts on my life ranks right up there with those yelling-heckler-idiots.

FYI — just because I am writing this doesn’t mean I give two shits what you think.  This is MY BLOG to vent my anger over my crappy situation so that I don’t live angry in everyday life.  Go get your own life–Make your own Blog and share your perceived wealth of advice. I don’t want anything you have or I would have asked you for it!  PROMISE.  

***If I have NOT ASKED you for advice–I don’t WANT your Stinkin’ advice.***

Let me see how many ways I can state this :

  1. This blog and my talking about my frustrations is NOT a cry for help from you.  
  2. If I have not asked for your advice–I don’t want it.
  3. I DO NOT HATE myself!  I like me.  
  4. I know my value. 
  5.  I know my worth.  My worth is not bound up in my body size.  There is a lot more to me than my size.  
  6. I DO have to talk about what is going on with me and writing it out helps–it helps my family NOT have to listen to me talk about it all the time.  They appreciate me writing this out so we can talk about something else.

I hope this helps you think about what you post–before you post things–and I take my sharp wit and smack you with it.

Peace and blessings to you all … And yes I mean that … Even with what I have written,


About to head back to the beach–hope the red tide is gone

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