Anti Coffee Face

  I should have said Anti-Sleep Face.

As you can see I was not fully formed when I woke up.  I did have coffee beside my bed–thanks to my kind hubby.

Our youngest son, who is autistic, works for us.  He is super conscientious.  A GREAT thing–most days–Last Night he kept calling All Flipping Night LONG.  It consumed the whole relaxing part of the evening and he made sure to wake us up all NIGHT.  Poor Mikey did NOT sleep much at ALL –even got up at 2 am. And 2:30 with the calls–that time he could NOT go back to sleep.  He is worse than I am at this moment.  I was able to fall back asleep.

This is the stage I am in at the moment.  I NEED more coffee, but do not really wish to get out of bed to get it.  I know it is lame, but at this stage I just really do NOT CARE!  You should hear Mike on the phone.  He sounds terrible.  He is slugding through his work today.  Moaning and groaning.  Yes, we are on the phone together as I type this–saying not a word to each other.  Sometimes we do this all day.  Why?  I don’t know, maybe we like to be together even if we don’t say a word.  If you knew us, you would scarcely believe that we sit in silence, but it is very common for us.  I guess we are comfortable.  

This will be my face when I finish my squat challenge for today–it is supposed to be a rest day, but we are behind because of the wedding we worked our asses off at attended this past weekend.  Love being a part of weddings–they are just a tad bit tiring–but WAY FUN!


The family Squatt Challenge

I might post the link to the demo’s for doing the squat challenge later in the week so you can get a look at what to do should you wanna join us.


Me … relaxed and happy

 Working on getting back to a relaxed happy face–not quite there yet.

5 thoughts on “Anti Coffee Face

  1. The squat challenge has had its challenges. I’m glad we’re doing it. And, yes, we do spend a lot of time on the phone, talking or not. I think it is how we survive our lives and stay happy.

  2. I recognize you have special challenges but you are always willing to share yourself..a very generous spirit.
    I have been battling my weight with the back issue. degenerative disk disease. Another operation on 1/13 which will hopefully take some of the pain away. I binge eat in my stress, not a good thing. Been on weight watchers almost two years trying to reach my goal weight. It is difficult not being able to exercise with this back. Not even water exercise. January 13th is my surgery. Need all the prayers I can get Trying to think positive however so much can go wrong. Prayers please…Nancy

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