The SQUAT Challenge … OUCH


Our Family Squatt Challenge

Yes, you may join us in our 30 day SQUAT Challenge–just pick the day you are starting and call it day one.–we started January 1. Your start date doesn’t matter.

I did a huge number on us the other day–Challenge Day #6 to be precise.  I kinda screwed up.  No, I F’d it up BIG TIME.  I was cussing me when I could speak at all.  There are two times where we use a 20 second timer with 10 second rests for 8 repetitions–Squat Holds and Squat Walks.  This is painful enough.  But Day 6s SQUAT JACKS should NEVER be done this way unless you are super fit or just a sadist.  Our case was I’m dyslexic and I twisted it up and we did them ALL.

The video below is a complete example list of each squat save the basic by a young very fit woman who make doing these look good.  Uh … We DID NOT make them look good.

But part of my new focus on life is videoing myself and my activity, hell, I even video the experience.  I cannot share it … Even my MOM said it sounded like we were having sex.  We were OBVIOUSLY not having sex.  The pain we were in was evident–there was NO pleasure going on.  I tried to tape a video about what we did –just me talking–and, well … they were all horrible.  I was just so work out I could barely speak.  Buy the fifth attempt I hit the wine-thirty for pain relief.  Uh and I look even more special with my Fat Self.   I am working on making a FUNNY compilation–proving harder than I expected.  Gonna call it Fat woman Squatting.

Sorry, but I am tired. I will tell you this story tomorro.



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