Testing out how warm my clothes were for the walk Frustrated

I had this funny video to share, but it won’t load.  Sometimes a girl just wants to scream.  That is all I am sayin’.  I didn’t have time for this blasted thing to do this.  I gotta get up and Get to the Hospital for checkups.  

I wanna throw a fit.  It isn’t very lady like … Not that I ALWAYS worry about that, but sometimes I do.  My mama gets upset easy when I throw fits … So I kinda have to behave.  

Today’s workout will be almost as good as yesterday’s.  Yesterday, we loaded our car and drove from Florida, to Jackson, MS., to retrieve my parents for Doc appointment in Birmingham.  The workout?  It consisted of loading the car, getting out of the car for potty breaks, getting back in the car, getting my parents 5 hours later.  The next portion of workout consisted of more potty breaks, a dinner break, and unloading the car and climbing the stairs–after riding for another 5 hours.  Today’s, well that is going to be very similar.  Load up in the car and drive down to UAB and sit and wait.  Go to Eye Doc Assosciated with UAB … WAIT.  Then drive home.

I am seriously burnin’ up the workoutschedule! 

Y’all have a GREAT Day, ya hear.

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