Is it wrong????????


Wood Pile #1 it did get bigger and there were 3 piles.

 That I love to dumpster dive?

Actually, if the truth be told, I don’t like to go into them or even dig through folks garbage sitting on the curb, but I LOVE being able to find trash that I can make into a treasure.  And folks throwing away perfectly amazing wood because they want something new.  I do understand wanting new, However I become overwhelmed with joy making stuff out of old things.  

I take cruddy piles of wood and make things. Like my deck table and my pallet bars.  Only one bar can be called MOSTLY finished.  If I can stay home long enough maybe I can finish.


The table … I also made bar tables out of scraps


Bars … The one to the right of My honey will have a new top soon. The boards are already cut.

We are going to finish both these off with lift rollers to make moving and securing easy.  We have to find some really cool beer bottle opener.

There are a few more things that I make from junk … And so this is why we dive in the dumpsters and pick through discards to find things we can repurpose.  I was laughing and giggling so bad that I had to potty–almost pottied on myself.



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