Rode hard and put up wet …

This post should be renamed, Diary of a Whiney Fat Woman!

I’m draggin butt, like a horse that was rode hard and put up wet!!  Lord Help me!  Driving does that to me.  My car must feel the same way–wink, wink!  I am sitting on my bed at the beach–Telling myself, trying to convince myself–“You can get up and get outside, you really can!”  I am NOT sure that I believe myself just yet.  I never turn on the heat so when I woke up this am and it was 37 degrees outside–BURR!


Mike with two of our Four Children at his BIG 50 party.

Mike is working back in B’ham with our kiddo’s and I have to take complete care of myself!  The outrage of it all!  Swoon in sorrow.  I know …. I know WHA😢😢 …. Poor pitiful me.  I am NOT ashamed that my husband spoils me by bringing me coffee and other such things.  If he was here he would have shut the windows and warmed up the house for me, because he is awesome like that.  But, Alas, today I must care for myself.

Honestly, I am whiney, because my honey isn’t here.  Mike is my comfort.  Just snuggling up in his arms warms my heart and the cares of my day melt away.  ….Well … most days … that is.  There are days when my perfect hubby makes me nuts and others that he makes me so mad that I want to pinch his head off and offer to stuff it up his caboose.  He is normal, I am normal–we drive each other crazy.  BUT–even when he makes me want to beat the stew out of him–I would rather be with him before most people on their best days.  Just sayin’ … AND I could do with a bit of spoiling today.

I will have to feed myself–I haven’t quite figured out how I am going to do that yet–  while sitting in the bed.  Do you ever have days where you just don’t want to take care of yourself?  I don’t want to put on warm clothes. I don’t want to waddle to kitchen to make more coffee.  I don’t want to stand and make food.  I don’t want to get out of bed and waddle down the hall to turn the heater on.  I don’t want to walk around the corner to warm my butt by the fire.  I just don’t wanna do much of anything!  Mama … Mikey!  Hahaha Where are you all when I need ya???

There is NO food in this house, which means I need to go and shop.  WHAAA … I do not want to go to the STORE!!!!!  Hahaha.  I am such a baby today!  You ever have those days??

I am the queen in case you didn’t know.  Hehehehe



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