Death of a Squat Challenge

 I am not big into quitting things once started.  However, there are those moments when a body just will NOT keep moving.  Day SIX of the challenge we SERIOUSLY over stepped our abilities when we did the challenge WRONG!  

The videos that we made to share with you all–never got made.  I can’t figure out a way to make funny what happened.  I am going to have to get better at this whole thing.  Making loops and such.  This stuff was funny as all-get-out, it’s a southern thang not sure how to explain without having cursing.  I know I curse all the time, but I am trying to find better ways–cut me a break–Please!?!

Funny aside … We had to recover by walking, Stretching, me riding, and other stuff … NOT squatting.  We will be RESTARTING Feb. 1st.  This time we will do the SQUAT Jacks Right!  I think we may be adding planks and Yoga in with it.  It may seem like we are adding more, but I think this will bring some balance to our workout without adding excessive pain.

I’ll Let you know once we get it started. Hahahahahaha



2 thoughts on “Death of a Squat Challenge

  1. Oh, my! Squatting should only be done to tie one’s shoes in an emergency! Walking is my exercise of choice and necessity. My old body can’t take the rigors of intense workouts. Nor should it. I don’t feel healthy when I’m all achy and moan when I shuffle rather than walk. Not a pretty sight! 😉

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