Life Sucks

Not always, but sometimes it really does.  My Dad is sick and in the Hospital just one week after these photos wer taken.  After sitting with my father through multiple Doc visits and blood lettings, he has now been admitted to the hospital for complications for his lungs.  He had to have been sick when we took these photos, but somehow it was missed–he is the goofy ham in the photo with my husband fighting over pie, because this is how they act together.  They play fight.  My husband musses up his hair and calls him old man and the fuss at each other.

To add to my aggravation, he is states away and I cannot easily visit.  I sit and wait for information to filter from the docs, to my mom or sister, then to me.  Have I ever mentioned I am not good at waiting?  I am also not good with NO information.  Hello, and I can’t even be there to distract my Mom from worrying, in so doing–distract myself.  I just get to sit here and wonder alone.  I am probably going to go for another walk here in a bit or something to keep my mind full and as distracted as I can.  

I hate situations where you hurry up and wait.  I know my sister, brother and mother are doing good things for my father, and that I would make nothing essentially better or different if I were there, still I long to be there.  I am waiting a bit–just to see how things go.  I have Doc appointments scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday of next week myself.  I hate going, because one is the dietian and the other is the internist, who will get on to me for being FAT!  DUH–I am working on it–but he WILL have to say it anyway!!!!!! UHHHGGGG.  I am trying to MAKE myself stay on track with my appointments and NOT give myself an excuse to back out.  I think I will call and see if they have an earlier appointment in the week so I can’t back out.

That Cake makes me think of my dad.  Now, a cake for him needs a touch of chocolate.



One thought on “Life Sucks

  1. Hard to wait. And yes I know how you feel, Dick didn’t get to stage 4 cancer overnight and kept all his doctor appointments, I still have the blood test sheet he so proudly showed me a few months before to say all his blood test were normal. They are on paper. Makes me wonder about the validity of these expensive tests,. Hope you have your wonderful dad around for several more good years. Prayers. Nancy

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