Doctor Days … Uuuhhhhgggg

 I am not a fan of going to the DOCTOR.  It went well, but still, I had heart palapitations.  WHY??? I don’t know, but I just like to go to a doctor that actually believes what I am telling him.  I have super bad pain in my 💥neck.  It is getting to the point where I end up at the docs office for pain meds.  I FRIGGIN HATE going to the doctor.  This will be my year to go though.  I have several check ups that need to take place. 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

It is hard to make myself write about much today or the last few days.  I am gathering info for my next diet/lifestyle push.  Changing the way I do things is sometimes fun, but this one won’t be.  First I have to do a staturated fat diet for a few weeks to get my body back on track …my numbers are off and unstable.  If only I could eat this way for the rest of my life … I would be able to live free of meds and have perfect bloodwork.  I just haven’t figured out a way that I can stand to live this way.  But I do HAVE to go through a fat loaded session, after a lean meat n veggies time or a free eat season, I simply must do this to get life back on track.  😜😤😡😄🌞😊

I have had many ideas that popped in my head to write, before the stress of waiting to see how my father would do in the hospital sort of drowned them out.  I waited, without going to see him, hoping that he would recover, because of all my doc visits.  I really did not wish to reshedule them–they are difficult to get reworked.

Today, I sat in scilence for hours, not speaking a word.  Looking out my breakfast nook windows, enjoying the view and pondering the things I want to do.  The projects that I have spinning in my mind.  Mike brought back some of my wood finds for me to begin the creative process.  Today my neck is pinching the nerves filling me with pain that drains the desire to go and drag wood around in the cold.  Tomorrow is a new day, not promised, but new none-the-less and I hope that after another traction pull or two that I will feel up to playing in the cold sun.

Hoping! Once I get started …. oh the joy.


it really is a joy 



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