Fat Woman Does Yoga

  Well … After yesterday’s Yoga class I wanted booze … And I resembled the bottom picture sans booze.  I mean really wanted booze.  I am NOT sure why practicing Yoga made me want booze, but it did.  Today … I REALLY WANT BOOZE.

Why?  Every single part of my body is screaming.  Mike tried to massage the aches away, but it WAS NOT TO BE.  I loved the class.  I can tell that I need MORE classes.  All I really want to do is LAY in the bed and GROAN.  I need to eat, but I just don’t want to bother with it.  I mean, I have to bother with it, but that is going to mean using my arms.  I don’t want to use my arms.

I don’t want to go potty–that requires using my quads and my gultous maximus–I know it isn’t spelled exactly right–I DON’T CARE! I am in PAIN!  Pain!  Pain.  I did do my squats too, and it could account for some of the this pain.  All of my body is in pain.  EVEN MY BREASTS!  I mean it–REALLY–Can you believe my boobs are dying today? How does that even happen? I have done yoga before, but NEVER has it hurt this bad.  Wow, all I can say is, I am very out of shape. 

Yes, I will be going back.  You know — the hair of the dog so-to-speak.  I can’t go around like this.  I am about to go out for a walk to the beach.  Or maybe I will ride my bike–NO–that would require that I lift my leg to get over the bar.  That’s not happening.  OUCH!  Pain! Whine …. Hahahaha I want Wine … No, I want Tequilla straight!

  F it, F it, F it!


8 thoughts on “Fat Woman Does Yoga

  1. I love the way you always get up and have another go, and the way you talk about the difficulties often makes me smile because there is so much humour and realism in them, regardless of the pain and difficulties which I’m sure are part of the situation. As you get older, the inner beauty moves to the surface and you are brimming with it in my opinion, so have a drink on me ( hic )

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