Strippin’ it down!


YES, Diet Food. Bacon wrapped Japs stuffed with cream cheese–this is TWO servings

 I’m taking it all off!  Yes, I am gonna get it down to the nitty gritty.  The nitty gritty of my meal plan that is.

Hahaha …. NOT about to strip the clothes off.  This Fat Woman Ain’t Stripping for no one but MIKE!

I know that most people think it is bad to eat so much fat, but my body loves it.  When I say loves it I mean LOVES eating fat.  All my body systems seem to respond in a positive light to eating a very high fat diet–my cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar number get in line.  The big bonus is that I stop being overly sensitive to heat!!  I stop craving bread–or really ANY THING.  

***********BIG NOTE********** I am working with my doctor and a dietitian.  I NEVER do unsupervised MAJOR changes.  I have multiple medical issues.  You should get a doctor on board for major changes–even if they are skeptical, or find one who will go with you and support you.  This diet I am on can be harmful if your body is not resistant–My body is SUPER RESISTANT.**********

Back to what I am doing–During the week I eat between 1,000 to 1,500 calories made up of 80 plus% fat, 10-15% protein, 5% carb–usually VEGGIES–GREEN ones.  On the weekend I shoot for between 1,500 to 2,000 calories made up of 75-80% fat, 15-20% protein, and 5% carbs.  Not a lot of variation–but my blood sugars are starting to respond.  I will be happy when my numbers drop to 70 to 80 fasting–normal blood sugar range.  I am still vacillating between 113 to 135–not my ideal.  I have had some numbers as low as 95.


This is how I look when the dark moments happen … well there is the really mean person that shows up.

 THE DRAWBACKS in the beginning are real!  Seriously REAL.  

The first few weeks as my body shifts over to fat burning my energy tanks, my memory is junky, I can be super grumpy without warning–BUT NOT as bad as on the liquid diet.  I get out and start to do things and I hit a wall and it is all over but the meltdown.  Yeah, the nasty ugly meltdowns

Exercise is a super big challenge. If I have stuff I need to get done–cannot exercise until it is finished, because I will crash hard once the exercise is done. In the case of YOGA–which I will NOT be going to this week–it took 3 days to get over that. I was too aggressive. I am felling a bike ride, but that will have to wait until later in the week.


A two block walk to the beach required a rest and when I returned home I passed out.

Thank God — It won’t last and I will begin to think clearly and have very good energy–most likely by next week.  I am already feeling mentally better this week.  There is so much that I want to do with my new found brain, but when I get started I bonk.  I hit the wall and pass clean out.  I have had a nap everyday this past week.  Kinda ready for that to switch over.

Oh, well there is a good point … Some of the food is OFF the Charts Good.  Mike is LOVING this diet!  Tell you about that tomorrow.

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