Fatting it UP


Pepperoni Chips n cream cheese–YUMMY!

  These don’t look that yummy–well they didn’t to me–Mike on the other hand had a different reaction and immediately had to make some for himself.  There were two more chips that I ate before I thought to take a picture.  Sometimes, I am just too hungry–hungry–to wait to take a pic.  

I am taking pics because it helps amuse me while on a very restricted-medical-health-management-diet!  Some times a girl has to do what a girl can to to amuse herself and distract herself from what she is required to do.  Some folks don’t share their food pics or meal plans.  I get that.  Most of these people are much more successful with their blogs than I am and plan to sell what they are doing for a price.  I actually admire those folks–but for now–this girl has got to do what works for her–so onward with a few more pics like I promised. 

Breakfast Treat


Again, Mike was in heaven with this meal.  YUM.  All Low Carb and HIGH FAT.  There was some protein in there too. This meal cost me 694 calories, but well worth is all.  I got half of it.  It would have been better with honey or maple syrup, but that isn’t allowed right now.  So … I suffered through it.


Taco Salad n Cheese Chips

 This was a variation on my taco for the weekend with more veggies and meat.  It was AMAZING.  Again–Mikey wa super happy with me.  I should have taken a picture of his meal!  I am buying him a big bowl to eat his in for future meal.  I don’t know how he didn’t drop it all over the floor.

Ok … I gotta get up from here and MOVE.  You guys have a GREAT Day!  Laters!

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