Ok … Uh … Thanks for the Tip!


My log Speaks

I pick up my phone to log my food and this is the message it gives me.  I am glad to know that my full fat plan works with log program.  For most of the time I am logging my food it is recommending a bunch of fruits and veggies, so when this popped up I had to laugh, and of course share.  Why shouldn’t I share the menucia  of my life?  I am sure you just wait with baited breath for me to share these things.  Promise I won’t share pics of my poop! Just say NO to poop pics, 💩💩–except for these funny–almost cute ones.

I have been busy collecting wood.  I don’t have any pics of the fun stuff I have collected on my walks, but it is beginning to be difficult to store it all.  

Walking in the sunshine.  


See it is beautiful and I am blessed–even when it doessn’t feel like it.

Coloring pictures for my grandaughter


It goes on the top of her new stool.

This is from one of those adult coloring books–I looked them up online, more specifically my friend did, and there are some SERIOUSLY racy-Rated R-sexy ones out there.  I think I am gonna pass on them.  They are a lot of female boobs and sex positions–don’t you think that would be just great to have around so your granddaughter could come ask you what is the Ami?!?!?!  I have a big enough problem with bad words–I can’t afford any other more sketchy things!  Just sayin’

Well … I think I have run down the bunny trail long enough and you are probably ready to Stop reading by now.    Update on my new plan as far as weight goes–I am inching down for the first time in a long time.  Here’s to hoping that I don’t inch back up.  I think I have a workable plan–at least I hope so.  

Stay Tuned … Peace out!

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