Mikey Cheated on Me!!!!!!!

Yes, I am devastated!  The turd–that is one of the first bad names I called Mike–I tend to revert to it when he ticks me off.   He is ON my bad list.  We were doing the NO-drink-any-booze together.  Tonight, he CHEATED!  He had Wine on the DECK!  Without ME!  We are trying to get rid of our guts and he CHEATED!

Do you have any idea how BAD I wanted to have a glass of Wine with my evening meal, not to mention the bonus chill out affect and PAIN relief for my sore muscles.  I know that is why he drank–I BET he did LAST night too!  OOHHH–I just figured that out as I was typing.  He worked out and I BET you a ton of money that that little cheater DRANK last night too, because he was SORE.  Now, I am really miffed!

I walk by the wall of wine and empty glasses that call to me daily.  I behave myself.  I control myself!  I rage against the sirens call of the empty glasses …They beg me to fill them with one small drip, and Mikey goes behind my back and CHEATS.  I am aghast!

CHEATER! CHEATER! CHEATER!  All I gotta say is your tummy better be FLAT if you are going off our plan.  I’m still gonna punish you for that!  No, valentines for you!  Now you know, and you now have your fair warning.

Most of the time Mike reads my posts, but I am gonna send him this one special!

How could he do this to me?  We were supposed to break our fast for our anniversary.  Overcome with grief, I will close this post and cry myself to sleep … Well … More like put on my Apnea mask.  But the other sounded better. 😏

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