Happy Valentines Day … A Day Late!

Is what it's all about!

Is what it’s all about!

I hope you had a glorious DAY and that it was filled with love.  Mine was filled with NOTHING.

For the first time in over 35 years I spent this day of Love–alone.  Even when I had a cruddy first husband, who never really paid me a lick of attention–that’s why he is an ex–I had my sweet kiddo’s who filled my days with love.  My oldest daughter and son filled my days with chubby cheek kisses and baby fat hugs, and fun art work.  I never really felt alone, I felt full, complete, and my life filled with joy.  They showered me with love, as have my beloved Mike and my younger daughter and son.  When they showed up in my life I felt blessed beyond measure.  Honestly, most days I feel blessed-overflowing with love and joy.  Even on the bad days.

Family. The best gift I ever gave myself. The joy of my life.

Family. The best gift I ever gave myself. The joy of my life.  There is one little one missing.

Isn't he just adorable. Don't say anything if you don't agree!

Isn’t he just adorable. Don’t say anything if you don’t agree!  See what I mean by chubby cheeks.  My kiddo’s and their kiddo’s are just YUMMY with squishiness.

Now, they are all grown.  Married, save the youngest, with lives of their own.  No, I don’t feel alone because of that.  I feel successful, proud, and blessed. So, why do I feel alone?  Because I am ACTUALLY alone.  I am in Florida by myself.  Mike and the kids are up in Birmingham–minus the Alaskan kiddo’s–who I miss terribly.  This was a choice Mike and I made to help me be able to change my meal plan without terrorizing the rest of the family.  It is also much easier for me to get out and move–NO HILLS.  I never thought about not being with my kiddos and Mike for this fun, but silly holiday.  I don’t like it one bit.  I didn’t think it would be a BIG deal, but it IS, Dang it!

My partner in crime.

My partner in crime.

V-Day is kinda rolled in with my anniversary–you know–like a big celebration of loving my life thang.  I know I am spoiled in this area.  I have my sources of pain and agony, but in the area of love I am super blessed.  I have always enjoyed and appreciated it, but  I don’t think I realized how truly blessed I am, until now.  I am feeling wildly sentimental and sappy–not like me.

I’m ready for Mikey to get here, sooner rather than later!  😞😞😞😞😞

P.S.  You can see how long I hold a grudge.  About as long as it take me to speak it.

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