Meal Prepin’ for Success

  I have only half-A done this up to this point!  

What I have done has been a big help–since I have been too ill to go to the store.  I will be honest, I have to prep food or I cannot get through a week.  My blood sugars flip all over the place when I am changing things.  Personally, I think Prep is KEY to success when you are changing things in your life.  Being prepared and organized is MAJOR–or it is for me.  Once you get through the initial adjustment phase of things you can, if you will, flow with life.  BUT, when you are beginning a new journey it is VERY hard to flex with a life plan.  Especially when you feel like CRAP!  

Prepped food makes all the difference in the world!  I have been researching just what I can prep and freeze.  Freezing is FABO for making small portions and Variety in a limited diet doable.  And NOT so always-in-the-kitchen to make food happen.  When you feel rough–who wants to worry with all that??  I know I don’t so … While I have been gimpin around–mostly Laying in Bed–I have been making a plan. 

I Really don’t feel much like writing at this very moment … Partly because I have been feeling under the weather.  I thought I would share a link to a great sight for things that freeze well.

Let me know if you have ANY good tips for me on Freezing food.  Yes, I am asking for advice.  ON FREEZING food.  Share away!

See ya, Shonnie

2 thoughts on “Meal Prepin’ for Success

  1. I make meals and freeze in portions for the hubby and me. Whatever you can cover in plastic wrap do it. Like if I make chili, put it in a aluminum bowl and cover the surface of the chili with plastic wrap and then aluminum, freeze, you are good to go. I made shepherds pie, skillet lasagna and Jambalaya on the day before my hysterectomy in July. It all lasted like 3 weeks. We break it all down into servings, works great. Planning is the best, I didn’t plan all our meals this week and it worked out badly. Boo hoo, oh well.

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