LIfe’s Strange!


I plan to be doing a buch of this with Mikey

 I have been experiencing slow weight drop.  I bounces up 3 pounds at a time and only dribbles down.  I often feel perplexed about how this can be.  My body is SUPER STRANGE!  I have been very good following the meal plan we mapped out, and was hoping that I would have seen a bigger drop in overall weight.  I have probably averaged a steady 3 to 4 pound a week drop–Maybe.  I know of 5 pounds I have dropped for sure.  We forgot to weigh the first week I started, and my weight had gone up so it could be as much as 10 pounds down in total.  So this is a GREAT start!

I will be taking a “SORT OF BREAK” for the next four days.  We are celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary.  I will be having a drink or two each night.  Maybe one at lunch–BIG MAYBE.  I won’t be doing the big splurges.  No chips, no sweets–other than fruit.  WHY?  It’s a big celebration!

Yeah, but it took two weeks of feeling like Shite to get here.  Where is here.  Way lowered Blood Sugar numbers and Seriously lowered Blood Pressure numbers!  I have felt weird for DAYS!  The first week I could barely think. The second weeks my mind cleared and I began to get creative.  I still do not have the energy that I am used to, but I have started to experience an uptake in my energy levels.  Evidenced by my nice long walks and shopping in the same day–all while creating a jacket, a stool, and a painting.  

So … For this girl … She is going to hold steady and see where this road takes me.

Peace out … It is time for BURGERS! 

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