Date Night #1 of 28th year

  We had a BLAST.  Even though my brain was farting and I felt like crap!  Mike took me to a painting class.  I wanted to look good, but I know how I am with paint.  I am Messy!  With my hair pulled up in a cutie ponytail–so I woudn’t rub paint in it and old-ish clothes–and wine in a bag we headed off to try our hand at ABSTRACT art.  Not my usual fair.  I love to try new things!  

I have been dabbling in serveral areas of late.


I took leftover sequins , from my daughters wedding dress, to doll up a iron on for grand girls new/old jacket.


Creating a stool for my grand girlies new bedroom. Yes, another junk piece made new again.


This is a jacket that I got at a consignment shop, that I am Making over for my Grandaughter. She picked what I used and most of where things are going.


 I wasn’t happy with the Jelly Fish, but these were Sophie’s colors and what she wanted–and she loved it, so I stopped.  I am now fascinated with Jellyfish and will have to try again!  I will try until I figure out a way to make it the way I want it to end up!  Hehe.  yes I am just that crazy–once I get an idea I will keep pecking until I get it–it is a relaxing pursuit and it is fun.

We met some super cool local folks from all over the area–From Destin to Seagrove, FL.  We laughed, painted, drank wine, and talked about rat poisoning (that is a whole other story) most of the night.  The other three ladies have a shop(s) for art and artists.  Big Mama’s Hula Girl Art Gallery, and Mermaids of 30A–both opening soon.  I am really excited to see their shops open.  It is sort of self serving, but aside from that I love seeing people succeed at their dreams.

Did you notice how I kind of snuck by the self serving part? Mike sez that I have to tell you … They took my work to sell.  I have to say that was a super fun and exciting night for me.  I have wanted to hook up with other artists in the area, and thanks to Maxine and Southern Art Exchange I did.  I have to say it was beyond wonderful being able to dip my feet into this pool of water.  
Thanks Mike for always being so supportive of my favorite things.  Even when they make you feel strange and clutsy.  I had a great night.  

Now … Off to enjoy my day.  Blessings y’all.

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