Time Travel is Possible!

I bet you didn’t expect me to write that one! Hahaha!

I woke up with a silly little movie “Harriet the Spy.”  It took me back to when my kiddos were small and life was just beginning for me and they didn’t even understand anything past the latest story, movie, game, or treat.  Money was tight when they were small.  Really beyond tight at that time.  If you can imagine it, before prices shot through the roof, we lived off a meager budget of $200 a month for food.  I can tell you I can make a buck stretch.  We ate well and I was super creative with meals–only small amounts of ramen noodles were involved, but there were a lot of beans and rice.

It was a magical time, and the movie this am took me back there, when my children were all small and they thought we were the most amazing people on the planet–just before the teen-you-ruined-my-life-syndrome struck and made me the villain of life.  Those were the days filled with reading Chronicles of Narnia and treks through the woods pretending that we were in Narnia.  Magical.  The little movie brought back so many wonderful fun memories of that time.  It will forever be a special memory for me.  They barely remember this time, because so much followed this brief moment in history, painful hard stuff that most likely drowned out these beautiful experiences.

Thankfully, today, even if it was but a moment … I enjoyed reliving that time in my life when all things seemed possible and my life was bright with new possibilities.  A time when my children were small and close by to cuddle. It was wonderful visiting the past for just a little while.  Life has a way of crowding in, pushing all the sweet little things to the side to be forgotten as so much fluff.  Really, what makes life worth living are those bits of fluff.

Not that I mind that my children are grown and on their own.  Now, I have grandchildren that I am making wonderful memories with.  These moments are just as fine as those from the past, and I would dare say that they make those more precious.

Now, off for my walk before my day gets all out of whack.



2 thoughts on “Time Travel is Possible!

  1. Before my girls reached the age of ten or eleven I used to call them “My little apple blossoms” but when they grew beyond twelve I started calling them “My bee stings” and I have a picture of them all, which they gave me for some birthday with the line “Your Bee Stings” written under it.

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