Excuse me … I’m Kickin’ my own Bum!!!

  Mike and I are always getting ourselves into big projects.  I am so tired I could fall over and scream.  I always have gone big or gone home.  We went from a 6ft. To 8Ft.  On one side of our place at the beach.  It may seem ODD, but there is one 8ft. Fence that went up on the back and we will be replacing our fence on the back next to the other 8ft later, but this side—HAD TO BE DONE!!!!  

Weekly renters, AKA VACA renters, drive us absolutely nuts.  Most people are nice and they do not mean to crowd you, but they do.  Because they are down here to check out the world they forget that some of us live here and DO NOT WANT to be stared at or take part in their party.

**********This post was started more than a month ago, before my world got really crazy!!***********

I realize my world is always crazy of sorts.  But, my life seems to Hyper-Warp-the-wormhole-kind-of-WILD-N-Crazy jump at times.  I realize also that I get myself into these positions.  Most of them I am very happy to be a part of, like the fence.  That fence has brought so much peace.  I seriously like my neighbors now.  Another HUGE bonus was the purchase of a FAN that is SUPER LOUD.  Now, I don’t wake up three and four times a night wanting to kill the renters!  Life is good all around.  Sleep deprived Shonnie is a scary person.  Just sayin’.

….back to the wormhole … Over the past month and a half we have been working on moving my parents to my home in Alabama.  My father has had some health issues requiring regular visits to doctors where I live for the past year and half. So … after a lot of back and forth agonizing on EVERYONES part we made the leap, and moved them here.  We have been WIDE open clean up, paint up, and repurpose two upstairs bedrooms into a one bedroom/Jack-n-Jill bath/living room apartment.  While moving my son into the basement.  And trying to sort out all the “STUFF” from the two rooms and bath that are now my parents apartment.  There is STUFF, stuffed in the attic and the basement that is overtaking most of the garage–waiting for me to sort them all out–had to get the parents sorted first. 

In the midst of all this, we have to switch so many things over–Like Insurance!  OH MAN–can this be a pain!  Take a drivers license, it should be simple switch–But NO, because of one eye–even thought the other one worked perfectly fine, my dad had to go to his eye doctor here and then BACK to get the drivers license.  And, I guess to make life more interesting, one of our fridges dies–which may not sound like much–but you try putting TWO household’s food in ONE fridge.  You will find out what a PAIN that is, and real quick too!  There is also my son’s loft-style room that doesn’t really have a walls, or doors, or a bath–just yet–and all his stuff is stacked around him in a jumbled mountainous mess, but he is in heaven–so we are good until I can get down there to sort that out.  

The mountain of crap still left to deal with must wait until I return from working at the beach–because you know–life must have its complications.  Hahaha … This too is one of my wormhole choices that I love.  I guess I like things wide open every so often just to keep me on my toes.  That isn’t the truth of the matter.  I think in life we make choices of what is important to us, and family is a big deal to me.  Most of my warp speed life revolves around them, and though difficult-at-times my life may be, I would do it all over again.  I value family.  

And as for my diet … I gained back my recently lost pounds, but I am walking most days and pushing forward to regain the ground recently lost.  I had been doing well, but being so tired you will eat most anything isn’t a great way to lose weight … Just sayin’.

My Dad and my Daughter. Yes, in my spare moments I help make Wonder woman costumes for my Daughter so she can be a super mom at my grand girlies 6th birthday party!

Check y’all laters … How soon … Who knows.  Hahahaha life is fun.


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