Hello, is anybody out there … out there … out there?

Me n My Best Buddy

I’m sure, after the length of time I have been gone, there would be very few–if anyone–still out here checking to see if I am going to write.  Still, I am going to write, because I can, and it makes me feel good.

Where have I been?

I have been out in the world trying new things.  Trying to get off all the weight that crept (If you call 40LBs in 3 months creaping) up on me after my big loss.  I have tried.  I have lost.  I have regained.  Demoralizing.  I moved my parents from Mississippi to live with me in Birmingham.  That is a BIG change.  Just try it.  It has been a positive change.  And, Yes, I would do it again.  The latter has been the biggest reason for my silence.  It took me quite a while to figure my new normal.

Why am I back?

I miss writing daily.  I missed the cathartic release of venting my frustrations on paper.  I seem to do best when I write to you all–I think you all are my accountability group–many of you have encouraged me.  So … even though many may not be out here anymore I think it would be super helpful for me to get back to talking about my struggle … if but to the air.

I’m not a big “New Years Resolution” girl, but I am a long range planner and goal maker.  I thought it would be good for me to document my new plan for the year–actually my THREE YEAR plan–to help me have a record of my feelings and my hopes for this long range goal.  Something to help me look back and see where I have come from and how I am doing in Three years.

What’s the Plan???

It is a hormonal based plan–since that’s what has been jerking me around for the past 3 years I thought that MAYBE a new  approach would be best.  I have been scouring the net and chattting with my docs about what and why I am having so many problems getting weight off and keeping it off.  

This plan is a combination of several programs.  Low Carb High Fat, and Metobolic Prime.  Click the links to see more about these plans if you don’t already know about them.  Over the past few years it has come to the attention of my dietician and one doctor that I cannot eat large amounts of food at one setting.  It has been a concern that I cannot get enough quality calories into my body to support my active lifestyle so my body goes into metabolic shutdown to store fat–rapidly.  All the years of my eating less and moving more have seriously screwed up my body.  I can lose if I am willing to eat 800 cals a day or less.  That is NOT sustainable.  

I have lost over the past few years, but I have bounced back once I started working out and trying to eat 1500 cals a day.  I tried it many different ways, but with all the same results.  I gained.  Inch by inch I gained back almost the whole 107 pounds I lost when I first started this diary.  Devastated I have limped along feeling that I just might have to accept that this would be my life.  Fat and unhealthy.  

But … honestly … I’m not good at giving up.

This is getting long so I am going to bid you goodbye, until tomorrow.



P.S. And with only a few days under my belt I am down 4 pounds and I haven’t started the full program.  So, I look forward to sharing more with you about what’s next with me.  ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ðŸ˜

8 thoughts on “Hello, is anybody out there … out there … out there?

  1. Hi, Shonnie! Good to see you around the parts. I’ve been on and off with the blogging thing, too. Life. Up. Down. Oh well. Only thing that matters is that we’re here and we’re trying, right? I’ve gained some weight, too, but feel a bit healthier. The Pacific NW has way too many good vegan restaurants!! I just care about health and not having to buy new cloths. 😐 (Or that’s what I tell myself!)

    Hang in there, Girl! ❤

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