I’m losing …… scratching head

I’m kind of stumbling around here in a daze.  I’m eating and losing weight.  I wasn’t even fully on the program yet.  Just getting my ducks in a row and started with Low Carb High Fat and working on the exercise plan–and I am losing.  I realize that the 5.2 pounds I’m down will bounce up some over the weekend–that’s what my body does regardless of what I eat.  But I am going down.  Kind of bewildered.  Hoping this lasts.

Hoping this will work.  It will still take me a year or more to get where I want to be in weight and strength, but ….

BUT ….


This would be LIFE CHANGING if this continues to work.  I have not been able to eat the recommended 2,400 calories to date, but I ate about 1,700 yesterday and lost a pound this morning.  I could LIVE like this.  This would be do able.  I want to get excited, but I am scared to be excited that I may have found a way to live.  So many times I have lost early on and then it just STOPPED, but I wasn’t even working on losing right now.  I was just working on cleaning up my diet from the Holiday’s carb fest.

Stay tuned … we will see if I managed to stumble onto a plan.  Bizzaro!

I’m looking forward to trying a couple of blog buddies recipes for the weekend.  The first one is a mock toast idea it looks amazing balls! (I will have toast too this weekend–because that is part of my plan). Click on the link below

Nutty Golden Sweet Potato Toast

I’ll dig up the other potatoe on later …. I gotta get running out the door if I wanna workout with Mike.  


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