Shhhhhh …. quiet … its rest n Snuggle Day

Yeah, Im not gonna fill you in on too many details, but there are wonderful reasons that the hubs and I get along so well.  Yesterday was filled with sunshine and lunch dates out on the water.  Rest to my soul.  I would love for Mike to be retired so that we could get sick of each other and I would have to find things to do without him.

My weekend has been divine.  Filled with great food and fellowship.

My love … supper happy with his Mexican Meat Stuffed Acorn Squash!

Mexican Meat Stuffed Acorn Squash. OH. Yeah!!

Imma let your imagination work to fill in all the details of how fun chillin in the bed bing watching TV series can be with your BFF.  Cuz … you can stay in your Jammies.  Cuz … Lazy is FUN.  Cuz … Today … we have cuddled and binge watched TV shows and laughed our A$$es off.  Yes!  God is good and the last few days have been amazing!  

Yeah … we like each other.  Hope you have someone to spend time with.  Someone to do absolutely nothing with that revives your soul.  Someone who likes you when you look like dog poop and probably smell like one too.  Hahahaha. Just kidding on the latter, because I have a thing with sinky smells!  Can’t go there! Hahaha, but it sure sounded funny in my head.
Mind you we had tons of chores and fun things we could have done, but we just decided to VEG!  It has been AMAZING!  I feel so refreshed.  I feel ready for my week ahead now.  Even though I never finished my meal plans.  Im good.  I will just use the joy from this weekend to carry me through next week.

Blessing y’all 

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