Food Ruts … Deadly?

Ruts generally make me feel trapped once I see them.

Ruts may not be exactly deadly, but I do believe FOOD RUTS are seriously unhealthy, but more on that in a minute. 

Have I mentioned how excited I am about my new meal planner? Well, I am! It’s called MealBoard. Its part of my plans to KILL the Food Ruts in my life.

I live and work in two places, and it keeps a food inventory for BOTH locations!!!! Yay me! I can plan my meals for weeks at a time and do bulk cooking for both locations. This should help me stay on track, and it should help me eliminate waste. AND keep me out of RUTS!  Meal Planning and prep seemed to help me with restrictive meal plans, so I am hopeful meal planning this go around will be exciting and effective for success since this plan is so much less restrictive. My options almost feel unlimited. 

As you know I have been going over my meal prep for the past week. I ran into a bit more trouble than I expected. Not because the meals in the program were bad sounding, but they do use a lot of repeat ingredients, and that really is NOT a good option for me. During one round of low carb’ing it, I developed allergies to some of my favorite foods, EGGS to name one, and I really had issues with the most recent program as well–and with NEW FOODS!! This girl’s gotta keep the food varied. 

Spagetti Squash with Beef Sausage n Mushrooms Alfredo. I can make this paleo or even low fat with a little tweaking.

Do you ever get into ruts? Ruts with where you go and what you eat? I do. Right now, I just CRAVE spaghetti squash–I think it is more that I CRAVE the comfort food feel I get from eating the yummy sauces I put on top! In times past, I have screwed up by eating a particular meal WAY too many times and I just can’t stand it after short while–that is on top of the allergy thing. I think I fall into ruts because I just get LAZY. Who wants to ALWAYS be cooking? I mean I LOVE to cook, but I like fresh REAL super tasty food.  BUT … there are times I look at the fridge or think of going out, and I just kinda say, “forget about it!”  I won’t eat–which is a bigger problem than you’d think. 

One thing I have learned with all my failed attempts of the past is that my body will revolt against anything that I over do–Food, lack-o-food, or Exercise–and sabotage my efforts by storing FAT super fast! My biggest hurdle to constant heathy weight and fitness is my natural OVER-Achiever-Self. I tend to throw myself whole hog into whatever I find myself doing. Except meal prep–varying my food–I just go for what is easiest and that often leaves me with not enough varied nutrients.

Sea Bass with Pear Salsa n garlic butter on Spinach

I’m a foodie. I love GOOD food. Savory Food. Delicious Food. Fresh Yummy Food.

This can cause problems when I am lazy if I have not planned ahead or prepped or gone so far as to make frozen dinners. Then, I just sit and stare at the walls or the boob tube while eating NOTHING. I’d rather do without than just eat for fuel. NOT Good. 

My love of preparing good and tasty foods is one of the main reasons Mikey Loves me so. He loves to EAT. He happens to think that I am a fabulous cook. All things that I rejoice over–my power to appease his belly–and win over his Mind! Hahahaha! I have powers! Hahahaha! 

Ruts bad: ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  1. Limited nutrients
  2. Boring food
  3. You can develop allergies–like I have 
  4. Stalled weight loss–at least for me

Meal Planning good: 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  1. Varied food and nutrients
  2. Avoid developing food allergies–if you don’t eat the same meal all week
  3. Have a plan for days when you are LAZY! 
  4. You can track you calorie inputs.

Well, I need to get back at planning, but first a walk and pack up to head back to Birmingham. I could really use staying put for two weeks straight–that would seriously help me get things down faster–but alas–that is not to be for now.
Later Taters…

Heading to get me some snuggles with my girls

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