Back in tha Ham

First day back and all kinds of interruptions.  Not sure how great my writing will be on weeks I am in Birmingham.  Doctor appointments, people in and out of the house and of course GRAND BABIES.  I am about to go and steal away my youngest from daycare.

I have been working with my daughter all morning on food prep!  Yay!  This is where I have all the help and I have to make use of it while I have it. So … if I am quieter than usual it isn’t because I am going anywhere, but that I have a LOT of interruptions.

I have a post from a friend, who happens to be a Doctor, that goes along with what I was talking about yesterday.  Give her a check see … “How is your diet affecting you?”  

Pray for me that I can figure out how to keep my workouts and posts on schedule here in the Ham.


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