No …. I did not disappear… I’m Here!

The Fish House

This girl has been SUPER BUSY cooking and buying fishes and watching movies.

Friday was filled with Massive Cooking.  Lets see.  I made my bulk spagetti sauce, mexican meat, meat pie filling, all meat chili, as well as roast beast and roast pork–we use the last two for filling lettuce tacos or making sliders and spreads/dips for veggies.  I had plenty of shredded chicken that I can add to recipes so now all I have to do is plan and buy the meats for normal roasting and i should have two solid weeks of breakfast lunch and dinners.  Great part of prepping is that you end up with a bunch of great tasting foods to nibble on along the way.

FRIDAY NIGHT and SATURDAY Morning we spent hanging with my oldest grand girlie. We watched copious movies ordered pizza–weekend carb loading–but I did get the thin crust. Points for effort?  Maybe?  Ah … who cares! Saturday morning we made low carb cream cheese pancakes–YEAH–of course we put dribbles of maple syrup on them. Then, I was off to shop for fish, not to eat, but to add to my granddaughter’s new fish tank.  She got a big one for christmas and needs FISH.  We had fun.  We always have to go out to Chick-FIL-A so she can run around and grab nuggets–this is our thing.  

The Back Porch

Saturday afternoon I spent rocking on the porch with my mother looking out at the beautiful woods and enjoying the gloriously pleasant weather.  One must take opportunities to enjoy the good things in life–even in the midst of heartache and trauma or you will forget your reason to live.

Last night we saved some of the chili for topping baked potatoes.  On the weekends we gently carb load and I must say that it was fantastic.  Yes, we had cheese and sour cream on top too.  I could lose much faster if I chose NOT to have carb loading meals.  I would probably top 4 pounds a week.  That would be wonderful, BUT it really would make me feel slightly deprived.  I MIGHT avoid some of the carb loading days in the coming months, but right now it helps me stay mentally focused and FEEL balanced.  I need to feel balanced.  Ordered.  Functional.  All these feelings help counter the trauma–more on that at a later time.

Today.  Well today will be spent at the gym and with our youngest granddaughter and eating some good foods that I worked on.  Count those blessings one by one!

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