On the road again

Creamy Dill Dip … this one can be made to suit your dietary needs.

After a super fun weekend with family and food we are about to head back to the beach again for work.   

This weekend we enjoyed several of our prepped foods, but I whipped up this high protien veggie dip before we added all the carbs from the sliders and chips to balance out the traditional fun foods with a family holiday/party favorite to get the veggies in on a regular basis.  We started offering dill dip before all our holiday/party/family get together a years ago, but now we have placed it into the line up of a fun way to get protien and veggies into everyone.  

We took our standard Honey Ginger shredded pork and made it Hawaiian with pineapples and a spicy sauce

Back-in-the-day I used to make this yummy dip with just mayo and sour cream and a pack of ranch dip plus dill.  Now, I make it all from scratch and I switched the all fat dip to a fat plus protien dip by adding big boost of Greek Yogurt and just a dab of mayo and sour cream to keep the flavor.  You can make this dip High Fat Low Carb or Low Fat or somewhere in between.  The low fat version yogurt that I uses has a HEAVier load of protien in the low fat version than the full fat–so you can’t go wrong there. We use Cabot brand yogurts …. even the full fat version has 16 grams of protien in each serving.  To me … having a dip that provides protien and good fats is a super huge plus for a snack food.  When you through in the veggies you get a full round of great vitamins.

My autistic child has to be FORCED to eat veggies, but he will eat them  IF you put them on his plate (that his how we force him–hahaha–we are so cruel).  He loves this dip and it is great for balancing out his love of JUNK food.  He loves all the new meals that we have set up for him.  He complains about them, but he eats them with joy.  I’m feeling pretty great about this new plan even if it means super slow weight loss.  The foods are great for lowing my blood sugars, fluid is dropping off my body, and my blood pressure is falling too.  I’m rarely hungry or craving ANYTHING.  So … life in this are is good.

Sorry I was so bad at taking pictures of the meals and prep.  I had planned to share things with you guys, but I kinda flopped at that one, but at least I did get things DONE!  My meal plan is coming into focus and I had a lot of things come together for meals.  YAY!

Gotta get off here and get back to packing.  

Blessings y’all!

A week alone with my honey …. love this time together.

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