The Day Started ….

With such promise.  Then … 

I don’t know what happened.  I started doing some research, then one phone call after another and I ended up sitting in the house instead of going shoping for shirts … Yeah.  … I left all my tops, other than workout tops, in Birmingham!!  The plan was to go for a walk along the beach and then get out and look for tops.  What girl can’t use a few new tops??  I mean … really??

Heck, I made the call NOT to go to the gym so that I could shop, figured I would work out later in the day when Mike got home.  He is still not home.  That plan got trashed.  No evening meal either.  I couldn’t come up with a plan.  Now, I am in a funk.  How did this all happen??

I even made it to the bottom of the stairs today!!

How can a day get so off balance when you kick butt on the list of stuff first thing?  I have NO idea.  Heck … I even lost weight this morning.  Girlfriend was on a roll.  Then … I don’t know what then.

The day just got away from me.  I was tired and cold.  I just wanted to snuggle under the cover and read.  I felt so defeated and deflated. When I realized I had pitled my day away and did not really accomplish any of my goals I got down on myself. I mean I did do things … but not the things that I had planned.  Someone requested a painting from me and I wanted to move forward with scoping things out for that.  Maybe I am afraid.  I normally paint for myself and those I love … this is a request.  I can do it … but its stepping out there.

The doc changed my thyroid meds–completely–and changed the dose.  Can I tell you that I feel STRANGE?  Emotionally off.  My hair is breaking off mid-strand.  My emotions are all over the place! Poor Mikey!  Thank God he loves me.  A lot!

I’ll leave you with one final thought.  It made me laugh, and that is always good!

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