Beach Steppin’

I walked a bit further than the last few days! Yay Me!

I drug my fat butt down the length of the beach to the crab trap.  I came back later in my car for one more look.  I wore my knee brace so that I wouldn’t have to turn back like yesterday.

Even a touch of clouds did not dampen the beauty and the lack of waves couldn’t hide my heavy breathing either.

Sadly, a break had to be taken at the trap, Fat girls body wasn’t doing good.  Yes, we did make it further.  Thankfully, not many people were out and about because it was chilly so my heavy breathing was mostly private.  Save a few souls who couldn’t make out what I was saying.

See … I was there … by the hair on my chinny, chin, chin.

Yeah, I said it.  I still like the photo even if it did highlight the need for waxing.  I did good on getting a great angle without a double chin–so for sure I was gonna post that baby!  I have my personal meltdowns off the blog, because I cannot really figure out how to make my fits of anger funny!  😜🤣😜🤣🤣  I seriously over my sluggish body.  Over the mood shifts.  Over the Knee issues.  The Ankle issues.  The Mucus issue.  The Back issues.  JUST SAYIN!!!!!!!!!!

‘Member these steps???? Yep I went up and down them today.

This is the view from the bottom step.

Take a look at the height of the bottom step.  It makes a perfect resting place for a fluffy girl needing a break from a screaming backache.  I laid back on the steps to try and relieve the pain with pressure.  Not sure what is going on with my back, but this girl will be hitting the gym this evening to use the backstreghening machine.  

It was such a beautiful day.

Well, My body is screaming for food now.  I must away to bark gripey conversation with my beloved husband that has the patience of Job.  Damn good thing he does too or I would have to whip him into shape.  Don’t be trying to move in on him though … promise you I will decimate you within seconds of approach.  Trust me.  I am more hostile than I appear.  Yes, it is food and hormone related, but I suspect I would enjoy the exercise of putting a hurt on some wayward woman or man who thought he could be betta than me.  Trust me … you can’t be betta than me with Mikey!  Just sayin’!!

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