Delisicous Decsions 

Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese with raw veggies. It was too rich for me, BUT super tasty Mike love both of ours.

I’m being facetious here.

I have listed out the pros and cons for three different options for this week of where I am going to be.  The proverbial 💩💩💩 has hit the fan in my life over the past few weeks completely disrupting my order and flow.  I have a distinct need for rhythm in my life.  It does not have to be a perfect flow, but I do have to have a regular ebb and flow of my daily routines.  All of which have been thrown off for months, but had been jelling back into a happy rhythmic roll–until the rock got thrown into my roll–not the fun musical kind either!  You couple that with I am a WHIMP from so many diet-body-med changes–ouch.  The 💩💩💩💩 has truly hit the Fan.  

I have gone back and forth like SIX times trying to decide do I stay in Sunny Florida or do I head back to Birmingham.  I am seriously struggling with my energy levels since the change of meds, the change of diet, and the change in exercise.  Sometimes it works great to just stand still for a bit.  So staying put has great merit and there is the whole, I’d like to get back to painting thing–and I am fully set up here in Florida–but in Bham its a mess!  Sorry, I bunny trailed with the last bit, however it is part of the big debate.  

Wook at those faces and tell me you’d wanna miss out!?!?

Go Bham–BABIES are there!  Sweet loveable grandbabies are there!  Mike will be there if only in spirit–way to much work there for us to visit, but we do get to sleep together at night and that is something.  My Mom and Dad are there and Daddy’s new phone will be coming in this week–Mama’s got held up for some reason, but her case will be there.  Watching them learn their new phones will be very fun–they crack me up how much they like these new smart phones that the didn’t really like or want at first!  Hahahahaha!  My new cube kebab maker will be there for me to try out–truth be told this is a super fun thing!!  I can work on more food prep with my helper daughter.

Seriously… this is amazing. So soothing and calming to the soul.

Stay Beach–I can have silence, and this my friends is golden.  It makes it possible for decluttering the mind and spirit, and this is what I normally do during this time of the year.  Mike has a lot of things he needs to do and he does better if I am not there–TAXES!  Here, I can focus on my diet and exercise without interruptions–seriously appealing.  I can paint–something the silence helps with.  It is easy for me to go for walks.  The sun is warming to the soul and the skin!  SUPER GREAT!  Not having to pack up and drive for 4 hours–YAY!  

You can see how both choices have wonderful positives.  How do you pick?  I have gone round and round and I am still stuttering around looking at my suitcase.  Once I finish this post I have to act.  I was hoping the folks would call my hubby and tell him he is going to be beyond-stinking-busy for the week, but they haven’t let him know.  Sad!  It would just make my life so much easier if they would just CALL!  Hahahaha–as some would snottily say, “First World Problems.”  

There really is a lot more to my struggle than I care to share–thankfully–today I was able to cry, which makes it easier to laugh. I love laughing.  I look for ways to laugh in hard times.  I look for ways to celebrate life in the midst of heartache.  I look for ways to rejoice.   It keeps me sane–well–my kinda sane. 😀

I think … when life hits you hard … knocking the wind out of your chest … your heart skips a few beats and breaks … the simplest decisions become difficult.  At least they do for me.  

I have been trudging through my life lately.  Needing someone to talk with, but knowing that there really is no one save Mike to talk with.  People mean well, but they don’t know how to listen.  They want to FIX you when you need to share your broken places, or tell you I told you so–as if that ever helps.  When generally all you need is to KNOW that someone cares about you, believes in you and is praying for you.  Some people talking makes them more focused on their problems and others it helps release the valve of pressure–I am the later.  The bottleneck of emotions tends to cripple the mind’s strength …. but I will find joy.  

 I gotta get moving … blessings y’all. 

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