Spaghetti Sauce n Spaghetti Squash! If it doesn’t look yum … it is major yum!

I’ve been a busy bee over here trying to put my life further in order and doing my little workouts.  My weight has gone down and up, but no rapid gains or losses.  Still struggling with energy.  I’m going to have to contact the doc and the program director to see what could be causing this.   Normally, by this time I am kickin it, but not this time.

I’ve had lots of great food and a few sweet treats that follow the basic lines of the diet.

This can be paleo or low carb. This time I kinda skipped the norm and added booze. Hehehe

Like I said it was mostly low carb.  Hahahahahahaha

I love fresh sea food. This is my one pot bowl–low country boil–Shonnie style

I did eat a few more prawns, but this is generally my plate and this is a cheat meal with extra carbs like taters and carrots.  So even if I am not seeing the body changes that I desired at least I know I am eating well and real food.  Praying with time and continued focus on my food and exercise changes that I will in time see the change I want to see.

The pot getting prepped for the Royal Reds. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

So yummy pored out on a large platter to share! ❀❀❀❀

Oh and I did make a garlic butter dip for dredging the shrimp.  Yeah … Mikey loves me. 

Garlic butta with chives! You know for extra good measure.

I make the butter dip so that I can control how much I have.  If I am having no carbs I can have lots-o-butta, but if I am having carbs I can have little butta.  Mike gets his big load of butter both times.  Hehe

Then we walk.  

I’m not taking pics of us lifting. No body wants to see that!

Well … I need ta get off my butt and wash veggies for the big bag up tomorrow.

Y’all behave … ya hear?

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    • Not really all that bad after the first few days. When I do it I drag like a dog for the first few days and then I feel clear headed and creative. The problem comes to keeping your head clear with all the temptations and life stresses.

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