Every day I’m Limpin’

After a day of food prep I was just wanting to LAY IN THE BED!  I love the food prepped, but dang it, prepin hurts!  I just wanted to veg and have someone bring me a glass of wine.  Screw the weight loss … Screw the GYM …  bring me the wine.

I limped into the gym … didn’t make it to this station last night … but I did make a few laps around the track.  I was breathing heavy and coughing, and struggling to get air in just from a flight of stairs.  My hubs thinks I might have the last of walking pneumonia.  I mean it is RIDICULOUS that I can barely walk up a flight of stairs or around a itty-bity track!

Something is going on.  I never take this long to regain strength.  I’m not running a fever.  I don’t have body aches.  I just struggle to breathe when I try to be active.  I struggle so bad that I end up in coughing fits and mucus does leave my body.  Thankfully!  I just keep expecting to get BETTER!  What the heck????  The thought of going to another doctor sounds HORRIBLE.  This has drug on for 4 months.  I know.  I really NEED to get further testing and discover WHY this shit is still dragging me down, but I hate the doctors office.  They weigh you!  

I don’t want to be weighed and hear how FAT I am and that I need to take care of my body.  Like I don’t know that already!  BUT … who cares … I just went back to bed!  Hahaha. I’ll get well later.

Don’t judge me … life has its moments that you just don’t shine.

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