Happy Headache Day

Pretty Flowers From Mikey

For the past 2 months my old neck injury has flaired up giving me LOVELY headache–do read sarcasm!  The only time the head feels better is just after traction!  Can’t do traction all day!  I’ve been bumping through my days with head pain, but most of them have been filled with joy of one sort or another–Mostly baby joy, and what a joy that is!

Ya gotta love this meal! Hahaha and No, I don’t eat like this every day!

My diet has been moving along at a SNAILS pace, but it is going in the right direction even if it is by ounces.  This could take 5 years to get the weight off or even notice a change–BUT–it is livable.  I am sure somewhere in all of this I will be able to boost my metabolism and my weight loss, but right now with the headache, the chest congestion, the limited ability to workout, and NO ENERGY that I am inching down by ounces is a HUGE win!   I’ll TAKE IT!

Lots o veggies

Low Carb Chicken Spinach Artichoke Dip

I got Mikey to Eat Veggies instead of the chips the dip was so good. HUGE!

To go with my headache–we have LOUD, LOUD, LOUD blowers running constantly in the kitchen and basement.  Why you ask?  For Valentine’s Day I discovered that the dishwasher leak was actually a water leak that had been going behind the wall for sometime and flooded the basement and a sofa with water.  We have HUGE dehumidifiers going as well.  Thank you Lord for homeowners insurance!  She says with a slightly lopsided smile prompted by her internal drive to find the joy in all situations.  

We doin’ tha Happy Dance–Onnie is!

Ya … and there are more of these blowers too

This is the small Dehumidifier .. hahahahahahaha

I think I am an eternal optimist who sometimes falls off track, those moments are quite ugly.  I do have to fuss a lot, or that is what other people call it.  I call my constant need to repeat things over and over coping.  

So the recap:

  • Its my anniversary month.  29 years and holding strong
  • My weight is going down by ounces
  • My stamina is inching up, but sucks the big one 
  • I have still got chest congestion
  • My house sounds like a jet getting ready to take off and is killing my head
  • I have a headache–caused by a neck ache
  • I’m Fat and Mikey Loves me

I think that covers everything for today.  Hoping that tomorrow will bring brighter skies and less problems.  If I can type after finishing the stain on my deck today–you should hear from me tomorrow.  How are YOU doing today?  I hope fine as frog hair!  If not … share with me baby!  No body wants to waller on the ground alone!  Hugs y’all…

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