Yes, I am still Alive

Don’t judge my work area. Been fiddling around with a new idea. Any idea what it looks like–mind you it IS NOT even close to finished. But it helps focus the mind.

It has been a couple of weeks of crazy stuff with my body.  It has been hard to write with all the crazy stuff going with my body.  Things are starting to return to normal, but not consistently.  I’m up, but mostly down in the BP department.  My neck is starting to recover as well as my back, but the tend to cut short my plans frequently.  I have managed to stay mostly stable in the weight department.  I am ready to get completely well so that I can get on with life.  Spring has sprung down in Florida and my swimsuit body is NO WHERE to be found!  I don’t relish getting into a suit.

I did order new suits the other day …. EEEEE GADS!  Who knows what these things are going to look like!  I am NOT excited.  I hate buying clothes and SWIMSUITS!  Really, hate looking in mirrors–so I don’t really.  

I will write more about the spring breakers next door later … lord help me keep my calm.  BP numbers need to stay calm.

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