I got a Boo Boo Ouchie!

I have been quiet for a few days because we have been working on putting an above ground pool at our house.  Did I mention that the pool is a monster?  Did I mention that it is so big that I am freaking out about every part of what we did with the ground to prep it??  I know how to build solid sandcastle bases that you can stand on, but I forgot to wet it down.  Why?  Maybe my boo boo, but most likely it had been raining and I was figuring the rain would wet it down–BUT IT STOPPED!  And I forgot to do it.

Mikey is telling me that everything will be fine.  We will see ….  I never know when to trust Mike’s instincts or mine.  I love that he is so much more chill than me.

What the F is going on with my body???  I have been careful with my food and been super busy so I should have lost weight and I have everyday until today.  I went up A LOT!  Hoping it is just my normal weekend bump.  I mean I have been very focused on eating well–even our Mother’s Day meal was a perfect choice for staying on track even with desert.  Thanks Mom for the cookies.

This boo boo has kinda seriously slowed up my walking on the beach or pretty much anything else.  About 2 weeks ago I did something to my left foot.  It was better, but now it is back with a vengeance–couple of times working on the pool my shoes got wet and my foot slipped–so I am thinking that I twisted an already compromised foot/ankle.  IT’s KILLING me!  I don’t have time for this mess.  I don’t have time to go to the doctor.  My life is too busy for doctors!  Just sayin’

The only time my foot doesn’t hurt is in the pool.  So … I am spending as much time in the water as I can.  I will be glad when we build the platform so I can walk gently up to a deck and ease into the water sans this horrific flimsy thang they call a ladder that came with the pool.  I don’t love the look of an above ground pool, but I am so loving the pool.  I swam enough in it that I have sore arms and legs.  This makes me smile, because I get to keep cool!  YEAH Bay Bae!!

Even though the left side is a little high–over all its level and wonderful–even if it isn’t so cute!

Check y’all back later.  I wanna get me one more swim befor my job coach call.  Yeah, I have booked an interview with a stratagy coach that can hopefullly, help me figure out how to take things to the next level!!

2 thoughts on “I got a Boo Boo Ouchie!

  1. I realized why I stopped weighing myself. Because it made me go nuts with the variations every day. I would eat so healthy and wake up having gained 2 pounds. It made me crazy. So I stopped. I stopped the madness. When I’m hungry I eat, and then I stop. I am even better about eating what i want that will satisfy me and keep me full. Yes, I have that hamburger some days. or the french fries, or pizza. But I don’t gorge myself like I used to and I’ve lost weight. If i had to guess it’s 20 pounds at the very least. Enough to be noticeable to everyone. I will know in a few weeks when I have my annual health screening at work.

    And I didn’t make myself crazy. Kind of like when I was serial dating between marriages and made my self nuts “did he like me? Why didn’t he call me? What does that mean?” I overanalyzed every movement with dates, as I did with every morsel of food.

    I know it doesn’t give you answers. I guess I’m just telling you that I totally can understand what you’re feeling. I was there for so many years.

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