Boo Boo Ouchie Part II

No one likes reruns, but my foot is hurting AGAIN/STILL!  

I’m not sure it isn’t because I don’t stay off of my boo boo’d foot.  I have hopped here and there.  I have hopped everywhere.  I have limped around on it so much that I now have a twisted the ankle to go with whatever the heck I did to the top of my foot.  AND. … NO … I didn’t go to the doctor.  Why?  Well … I went to a rehersal dinner … and a Wedding … and then …. Like I have a HUGE brain or something … we went outdoor sightseeing over the past weekend.  Yep.  I know I put a lot of dot dots.  It was on purpose … for it’s annoying effect. Yes, I am slightly annoyed with myself.  But I must confess I had a ton of fun!!

The parental units who went exploring with us.

I had a GREAT weekend, but I think because I won’t sit still —in case you just started reading my blog I’m not good at sitting still or going easy— my foot is having difficulty healing up and hairing over.  My daughter, the soon-to-be-nurse, was quite put out with me that I did not go to the doc for an X-ray, but I was just worn out from my weekend on Monday–read lame-quasi-truth-excuse for not going.  I seriously hate docs.

And, No that isn’t Mike or Me in the kayak,  but if you hear hick talk that would be one or both of us.  Yes, I kayak, but I don’t quite have the guts for what this cat did.

​​So, Here I am preparing for a big weekend with my grand daughters, my daughter and son-in-law.  Have you ever tried to get your house ready and go shoping when you can’t stand on your foot for longer than a few minutes at a time??  Then, you have my hubby who broke down on his way home from working 2 hours away, so he has NOT arrived home yet and it 1:49 AM.  Things are going swimmingly.  I am trying to imagine how we are going to get things done.  Normally, my home is not an issue, but remember. The pool?  That took up more time than planned.  Then, there’s all my sewing stuff in the big guest room and our bikes and building equipment are in the kid bunk room.  Hahahaha Hahahaha.
Am I alone?  Seriously, I cannot be the only person who has so many things happen in runs?  I get to feeling like I am making up bad excuses.  I mean … I guess it is possible I am doing this to myself because I try to do more than my body can actually handle.  I really do not wish to accept this … since I am mostly hobbling from one place to the next.  I have had almost 3 years straight of one crazy mishap after the other.  I must confess I am over it.  I am going to start asking God what the Heck I am missing here.  There must be a rock in my path that I fail to see … no one should have so many issues to overcome in a row.

Well … enough bellyaching … Mike finally made it home and I am going to go commiserate with him. 

Blessings y’all!

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