Limp, limp, swim.

I’m in a strange spiral. It seems this year is filled with one gimp, limp, health issue or another. I sprained my foot, not my ankle, a few weeks ago landing hard in the gulf jumping waves. It was my first time to swim in the gulf all season as I had been working hard to recover strength from my recent scare with an allergic reaction to some new meds.  Then, we start working on a pool for the back yard and my foot twists and flips—Now, I have a sprained ankle and foot, with a side of tendinitis. Yay me.

I limp here and I limp there, but not very far. I’m quickly running out of food. I’m debating taking my large butt and parking it in the handicap spot and riding the put put cart around the grocery store–that or joint a grocery delivery. Or I could just not eat.

Not eating will probably not work well since I take my limpy self out to swim at least 3 times a day. Swimming has helped further gimps from developing. I must be doing something–I’m sore all over.  Super thankful for the ugly above ground pool.IMG_2823

2 thoughts on “Limp, limp, swim.

  1. Hang in there Shonnie – you must be doing something right if you hurt all over. YOu’re waking up the parts of your body that haven’t been awake in a while. I am with you my dear, because I am so done with this rehab. I had a set back last week and I just can’t seem to get back to where I was prior to the setback. Everything hurts. I’m tired of whining, feeling sorry for myself and not progressing forward. So I feel your pain and your emotions. And I do know it will get better.

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