I’m on the lookout …

img_1855I can see now I am going to have to clean up this site, because I cannot find a recipe I shared eons ago.  So, if you know the link to the recipe pictured above would you share it with me??  I know sad right??

I am going to find it or just start trying what I think it would be and go from there.  That and this coconut granola thing I shared a while back.  I had some toasted coconut flakes in a bag of mixed nuts the other day and now I have a craving for this.  I don’t think this is a bad thing to crave.

I have had no appetite for months, so I figure if I am craving something then this could be the thing I should pursue.

Wish me well …

I know, I have written 3 times this week.  hahaha.  I’d like to tell you this is a streak, but just gonna wait until I have gone longer than 3 months in a row before I do that!



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