Hey … it’s me again …


Where I took my very brief walk yesterday.  Made me feel like I was winning!

I know, don’t faint, right??  I want to write, but honestly I don’t want to go do another chore that is waiting.  I have to convince myself to go get into the pool that is filled with debris.  This gives me a minute to indulge in a treat, before the work starts. We haven’t purchased the thing that does the vacuuming for you.  I was going to, but I hurt my foot and it was good exercise.  Now … not so much … scooping debris is just a drag.  The season is almost over, and I have to decide if I am going to buy a vaccum.  Who wants to spend money on something you might not use for more than a month, but the dang leaves are driving me crazy.

I have been writing or posting more lately.  Yes, it is on purpose–how could you even ask?  I love writing, even in brief bits.  I have missed writing, writing does take some isolation–something that is in short supply.  Life has been super busy, and filled with illness and setbacks.  I am doing good to keep up with most of my life at the moment.  I am blowing a raspberry at setbacks and illness!


We had a working lunch, and I am moving back to my high fat low carb eating program.

Busy isn’t bad; it is just BUSY!  Busy is good.

Our business has a brand new direction that keeps us hopping all the time. It has left me longing to write what I am feeling.  Sadly, much of what I feel is Anger and Frustration. Over my most recent weight gain. One more glop of obesity joined in the line of over a year’s worth of added weight.  The entire ordeal wreaks! And it plays havoc with my soul.  I’m about to start a series of post about why I hate being fat.

Not fat shaming.  If you like being fat … more power to you.  I don’t.  My Biggest fear is that I will not be able to get this fat off my body–it is killing me.  I am not ready to die.

I’ll get more into that later this week, but Mikey is home and now, I have to work on other things.



P.S.  I don’t want sales offers for new programs or vitamin supplements.  No offers of anything unless you are a hospital or doctor who has a clinic that specializes in obesity and hard cases.  Everyone else need not share their info.  Not interested in your latest multilevel marketing scheme.  Thanks … have a great day!

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 8.02.36 PM.png

Our Family Business … just in case you wondered


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