A Hurricane blew my plans …

img_1878This weekend was a botched mess of ideas that failed.

I had the wonderful idea of escaping to a weekend getaway for two — a creative getaway — to collaborate with my husband on some burning ideas we have.  I was so excited.  The weekend in Paradise wasn’t going to be so grand, and I had an idea to escape somewhere to be productive with my honey.  NOPE!

I had such fun plans for us to make some great headway on my diet, my blog (yes this blog), our business blog, FB posts for business and DOAFW, and work on our future speaking events.  Mucho exciting fun stuff!  I could barely contain myself as Mike looked for cool places to stay–I began to plan what I would pack.  EXCITING!

The hubs, my fabulous amazing Mikey, was a complete dud–and I a screaming banshee.  He flopped our plans, and just sat around with a stupid grin on his face–bringing out the banshee in me–we had one hurricane of a blowout fight that lasted for the better part of two days.  My delusions of a fabulous fun-filled weekend where we came together to make great progress devolved into a blowout fight worse than the hurricane that joined us in paradise-turned-hell.


What we look like when we are not breathing fire …

Mike and I love each other with quite a fury.  Even when we don’t like each other and are yelling alternatively at one another in anger or hurt.  As long as we are fighting,     we are good.  It is only time to worry when we are too mad to speak–that has only happened a few times.  When we fight, if over-heard, it sounds like two mortal enemies dueling to the death–verbal death.  A duet of strong wills clashing.  Clashing thunderous lightening filled storms wreaking havoc…

How we sound and look when we fight

We survived both hurricanes unscathed, and are now at peace–limping along today mending our fences over grilled cheeses n triple berry dump cake!  Decided to emotional eat for a day to calm wearied nerves.  I’m not saying who, but the fault lies totally at someones feet …. and they seriously need to make it better … just saying’!

I’d show you the make up part — but that’s just way too TMI.

How was your weekend?


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