My hair comes in tomorrow ….

I am excited!!!!!  Not that you can tell by my expression.

Hope to be in heaven after the add on of new hairs that I flood you with pictures!  I have never gotten extensions.  Which sounds strange to me –seeing I am a hairdresser.


The perfunctory ugly before–have hair in the back–just broke off in front≥

The previous style of extension have been too harsh for my fine hair.  So … I broke down and ordered me some cool hair.  I get it installed tomorrow at NOON.  My hope is that I am going to look amazing.  Mike thought is sounded fun after the months of weight gain and medication changes that brought about all this hair loss.

I maybe fat–obese even–but that doesn’t mean I have to hate myself.  I’m going to see if I can make myself happy with a bit of fake hair.  I am super happy with myself for trying.  I have spent months in a horrid funk, and it is about time that I TREAT myself!  Just saying’.

Let you know if it works out.  Praying the pics with be fun and Fabulous!



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