Being FAT


I love this kiddo too

I hate Being Fat/Obese

I LOVE me.  I think I am pretty darn awesome—that may sound bad—but it is the truth.  I’m not being braggadocious, but trying to give an honest appraisal of who I am.

Who I am:

  • I’m caring.
  • I’m loving.
  • I’m devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and friend.
  • I’m a dedicated business person.
  • I’m giving.
  • I’m stedfast.
  • I keep my word.
  • I keep secrets.
  • I’m a writer.
  • I’m an artist.
  • I’m a crafter.
  • I’m a woodworker.
  • I love to create all manner of things.
  • I’m an encourager.
  • I’m a celebrator of all things good in life—even when it isn’t about me, but about you—I love seeing others do well.

This is who Shonnie is.  Shonnie is way beyond a number on the scale or the size of her dress.  I do not have a bad image of my self.  Yes, I do have quite a few flaws—which are CONSTANTLY pointed out to me by those in my life—I often have to remind myself of my VALUE.  People treat fat people differently—not right—but life.

In this age of body image love why would I ever say such a thing as, “I hate being Fat/Obese?”  Because I do.  I am an honest person.  I have fat on my body and I find it disturbing on MANY levels—I will go into these more later.

If you love being fat!  Work it!  Enjoy it! Celebrate it!  I am good with that, but I don’t happen to share your joy in being obese.  I don’t actually want to die prematurely because of the strain this puts on my organs, and  joints.  These posts are not about my wanting to shame you from loving your fat body!  I just don’t love mine.

I am working on loving mine, because there may NOT be a way to fix it without starving for the rest of my life and I am not going to do that.  Starving is like 500 to 800 cals or so daily—not sustainable.

In short, I love me, but hate the fat!

Till later ….


9 thoughts on “Being FAT

  1. As you know, where you are concerned, I am a bit of a fan, and I always love your gutsy approach to life regardless of the ups and downs. I don’t like having unnecessary weight either, but then going out for a delicious meal and a glass or two of something soothing is one of my favourite things, so it is hard to enjoy both. I know all the sensible advice but that is often forgotten at the sight of a good menu or cookery programme !!

  2. In our phobic society I really can’t imagine anyone liking being fat. And yet almost half of us are. I think it’s a battle that is very tough. I’ve been fighting it for 50 years and have mostly lost. I’ve had a bit of success more recently because I changed meds and had 2 knees replaced. I saw an old friend last month at a baseball game. He and his wife skied in our group and we did many ski trips over the years, but they’re in their 80’s and aren’t doing much skiing these days. When my husband wasn’t in earshot my friend Jerry said that I could do my knees a favor by losing some weight. I thought it was really ballsy of him to actually say that. Espcially as I’d just lost 25 pounds. My parents and my husband don’t say anything to me about my weight, how does someone that I see once or twice a year get the balls to say that to me? Totally inappropriate. IF he was more in my life I would say something or learn to steer clear. Shonnie – you need to rid your life of people that have to tell you about your weight. It’s not their business.

    • You know, I don’t know what makes people think that kind of thing is ok, but if you are overweight — you are fair game and all manners go out the window. I will always have a hard time getting rid of those people out of my life since I am write about being fat, but as much as is possible I avoid those kinds of people and I probably would have said something to the guy–I’m getting cheeky these days! hehehe

  3. Well spoken.
    I fight this battle. I live me but want a healthier body. I own that there is no room fir bad choices but make them anyway. Celebrate the good choices.
    Love you Shonnie for your values and large open heart

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