Gone Fishing …

… not really…

I thought “Gone Fishing” sounded better than out to lunch–I couldn’t think of a better food related OUT for my title…I digress.  Last week was an exciting blur!  We, Mike and I, traveled for our business through out parts of North Louisiana.  I did visit with family and friends.  AND–I did mega shopping!  Super fun!  Super tiring!  A happy tired.  And LOTS of great eating!  She smiles sheepishly.


Big Johns Burgers in Winnsboro, La.  OH MY WORD!  I ate the whole thing!  Way better than my picture.  Wish you were here!  You do too even if you don’t know it yet.  Sorry for the messy napkin, but that is how this place rolls–ya need lots o napkins!

The food was AMAZING all week long!  BUT…Sadly…a good bit of my food consumption was completely off.  I did my best to keep portions in check, BUT the carb levels were WAY high for a Type II Diabetic to consume.  That is the one super dangerous thing about Louisiana–the food is off the CHARTS good.  Sorry, I ate most of it too fast to take photos! I had zucchini pie for breakfast several days–total yums!  I had chicken gumbo–yum-yum-for-tha-tum-tum, chicken salad, burgers, Mexican corn dip–off the chain, Grilled Cheese and tomato soup, Texmex, and FRIED CATFISH–OH YEAH!  I know–total bomb for what I want to accomplish, but I was good with my portions.  SO WORTH the cheats.  Just sayin’!

I’m working on catching back up on my normal life.  Just thought I would touch base and let you all know I wasn’t gone like before!  I’m still here and struggling through my life as a porky-the-pig-girl.

See ya Laters …



Me trying to take a pic of my new hair do. haha … I forgot to smile.


2 thoughts on “Gone Fishing …

  1. Have I told you that the sight of a good burger makes me whimper with happiness, followed by a weird gurgling sound as my teeth sink through the bun on my first bite. Like you, even though I am lucky enough not to have diabetes, I find they do not help me try and stay reasonably thin, but what’s a man to do when faced with food paradise eh!? I’m sure you understand. One mythical day, it would be lovely to sit round a table with you and Mike and talk burgers in the flesh, but that’s just a nice dream for now. 🙂

    • Peter! I would so love that! I would love tea too … There is just something about good food and fun. One day! We must. I can make you some good ole cajun food. Some spicy Texmex and other meals that would make you smack your mama–if you were that kind of person. hehehe

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