Short Break


My office few for a few days.  This day I actually worked.

I took a moments break that turned into a week.  Have you ever done that?

I thought about writing over the week, there were things that I wanted to write about, but part of me was angry with everything in my life–even the good things.  Part of me was throwing a fit about everything–I realized I was tired–super tired.

It is very rare for me to actually–on purpose–take a break from pressing forward with my goals outside of illness.  This week I just decided I needed to rest, for no other reason besides just needing a break.

It felt weird.  I almost felt wrong.  Like I was cheating or something … I guess I kinda was.  I hopped off my crazy train and just enjoyed being.

Now, I have to hop back on and drive that train instead of ride, and go for my dreams, my heath, and my life.  I’ve been letting parts of my life drive me instead of me driving it.  Who would have thought a fifty four year old woman would have learned this by already, but I keep stumbling into …. well … life.

Laters … Mikey is home with food.


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