Strange Things …

img_1498Do you ever read things and go, wow, I must be really strange?  I do this quite often.  This morning was–Toe Separator Socks–for people who wear tight shoes–I go barefoot as much as possible or sandals!  People keep buildings TOO hot–so I think I am good on the socks gadget.  Am I the only person who doesn’t need toe stretching socks??  Am I the only person who goes barefoot most of the year???  THEN,  there are also ads that make you think … like this ad for cool sculpting that has me intrigued….

I see posts for products and gadgets that I LOVE or would love to try! I am a Gadget girl–it is all my Daddy’s fault.  Hehehe   Now, the cool sculpting idea is strange and cool–but I’m too fat for that.  Although–if I could do that at say 75 pounds lighter — this chick would be a happy camper!  It freezes your fat.  Looks like it could be more uncomfortable than that smiling chick would lead you to believe.  Sit with this gadget suctioned and freezing your ab fat for an HOUR–THEN–they have to vigorously massage the area.  There is something suspect about that vigorously and something powerful enough to grab a 2 inch swath of your flesh and hold on …. just saying.

Well … I just thought I would drop by this morning and leave you with my weird ponderings for this Monday!

Happy Healthy Week Toya!


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