A leisurely walk

IMG_4137After writing the other day — I had a hankering to write again.  I missed you all.  I am always amazed at how many of you still follow along

There is something about writing in this blog that makes me feel motivated.  I had not gone outdoors for any activity in a week, before writing my post.  After writing my post–I dressed–didn’t check the temp (that will make sense in a moment) and headed straight for the beach.  Mistake…

I had, two days prior gone outside to see how cool it was–it is Florida and you don’t want heat stroke by the time you make the beach–it was cool and SUNNY.  I needed to wear shorts to stay cool enough for light exercise.  ENTER my neighbor, who I told that I was going for a walk–but I don’t think he had talked to anyone in a LONG time–because we talked until my back hurt so bad I could no longer stand.  NO WALKIE takie placey.

I only broke away from him because of my back pain, because I KNOW how that feels–to talk with no one for so long you will hold captive the first person who stops and shows interest in you.  Mind you, it has been years since I found myself in that position, but I KNOW that feeling–and I just didn’t have the heart to walk away until the pain was so bad that had to go in.  This has been a real struggle for me of late, my back pain.  Hence the reason my beloved got the exercise machine–which I promptly came inside and got on and did back strengthening exercises the trainer nazi tought me.


Yes, I walked shoeless. Yes! It was wonderful

… The Mistake, was that I checked the weather and it was 60 degrees outside and sunny,  but I had put on LONG pants and a light jacket instead of shorts.  I was dying by the time I got to the beach.  I was perspiring before I made the corner.  Spurning my dignity I tied the jacket under my breast, because that is the only place it would tie and walked the rest of the two blocks to the beach access.  I used the excuse that I was on the phone with Mike to sit there and catch my breath.  I kicked off my shoes and walked on the waters edge to help bring down my body temp.

Feet in the water WAS amazing! So emboldened by cool feet I walked further down the beach, until I found a spot to just sit a bit and enjoy the lovely earth God created. I drank in the peaceful beautiful site.  I was feeling so positive I almost danced back to my shoes … but the leg from the waters edge back to the boardwalk was beyond arduous.  I had to stop for a break three times.  Then again once I got to the board walk.  The cooling effects of the water had worn off, leaving me overheated and tired with two more blocks before making it home.

I will spare you the huffing and puffing back to the house–because no one wants to hear that.  Don’t imagine it, but I had to strip down to my skivies and turn the air conditioning on to cool off.  I almost jumped in my unheated pool, but I was too weak and unsure if I could pull myself back out.

I’m still feeling ver accomplished even if overheated.  You guys motivate me!  Thanks!



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