Mean People

o+8Zdc5tTiexT+YQbBJ3RQI know I haven’t written much lately, but it isn’t for the reasons you might imagine.  I have not lost interest.  I have not gotten so depressed I can’t write.  I’m not avoiding the reality of gaining all my weight back.  That I am 260 pound woman again.  My life is blowing up with amazingly wonderful things that I have had to take action on or lose the opportunity.


Today was different.  I had the misfortune of running into two outwardly beautiful young women, just after being violently ill in the public bathhouse.  As sick as I was, the reality of the crowded restroom pressed on my mind an urgency to wrap things up for the others desperatly awaiting their turn.  As I made my way to the line of uncrowded sinks to rinse off my glasses and soap my hands–I struggled to stand upright and keep my balance: I was so weak.  I turned to make my way out of the bathhouse to rinse off under the outdoor showers when I noticed two girls laughing and pointing their camera phone at me.

I figured they took a picture of the fat lady to post on FB or Instagram. Saddened that they would make such a sport of me–and yes they were making sport of me because I was the only one at the sinks and one girl giggled a crude remark as the both looked at me and laughed.  I made my way through the door and to the shower–horribly weak, but looking forward to rinsing the sand from my bottom–there was a LOT on it–and my skirt was stuffed in to my bottoms as well as my top.  Now, I was horrified at what might be circling the internet.

This is why there so much violence in the world.  Kindness doesn’t even enter anyone’s mind.  Had I saw someone about to leave the bathroom with their clothes in such a state–I would have tried to help them.  Does that make me super kind?  I kind of thought that made me normal–doing what one person should do.

How can people scream about injustice when they revel in the harm of someone they don’t even know?  Is being fat food for fodder and abuse?  Does it matter why I’m fat or that I am very sick?  Does it matter that it was a huge victory for me to go out?

If you think it does–you are part of the problem with the world today.  I’m going to win at my life–and I can’t see how mean spirited people ever end up on top of anything–so there!

I’m going to be just fine. My prayers are for their calloused souls and those of their parents–because something horrible will come in their futures if their hearts don’t change.

I did fill up my day with wonderful memories of my Granddaughter and my husband who loves me…..


8 thoughts on “Mean People

  1. Don’t you know you’re a mean, nasty person and that’s why you are the fat cow you are today? No one else is the problem – it’s you 😂. You always look like a miserable bitch. Your fat body is your karma for being such a gross human-being.

  2. My dearest friend! I am so sorry you have had to experience this – I know some time has now passed and this is a distant memory – I hope that you are feeling well and that all is good with you and your family. I’ve lost the battle regarding weight – I’m worse than square one but… you know we’re good aren’t we!!! Sending you much love xxx

  3. I’ve only just come across this but I can hardly understand the crassness of those idiots who pointed cameras at you instead of asking if you needed help, which you clearly did. Like you I do wonder about the character of those girls and the values shared with them by their parents. I am beyond disgusted by their behaviour, as you can imagine and am just grateful you have such a great husband and loving family around you to restore your faith in humanity. You are one of the best and deserve much better than this !!! xx

    • If you meet her you will see why people laugh. She’s mentally ill and a bully! She was probably giving those girls mean looks because she’s mean

  4. Shonnie ~ I think that you are an amazing woman & well deserving of wild applause. I am Rebecca from the southwestern suburbs of Pittsburgh. Having suffered obesity, breast cancer, stroke, walking pneumonia/coma there is little (healthwise) to discover about me. Like you, I am so much more than my health issues. Wife, mother of four, grandma of two, former social worker, current gardener, furniture refinisher and gourmet cook. I feel lucky to be alive & know that you do as well.

  5. I’m sorry that you had to encounter these idiots. I believe in karma, but in the meantime, you are resilient and you know the real person you are inside. Shonnie – wishing you a Happy day today!

  6. I can’t imagine being so rude and crude.
    I had my share of cruel remarks as an early teen as I was acqward and unattractive.
    When I walked by the boys they hummed here comes the circus. My own mother called me homely and being very young I asked my dad if ly meant like how could I look like a house. Hard times that stay with you from strangers.
    Compassion is an absent from some vocabularies.
    Look to those who love you. You are a very compassionate person. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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