Butt Kicker’s Club

the BUTT KICKER’S CLUB Kickin’ Fat to the Curb

This here is a club for all you fine folks out there Kickin’ Fat To The Curb.

All funny stuff aside: I have made some AWESOME friends out here in the blogosphere who have cheered me on and cheered me up on my down days.  I had no idea when I started my blog how much emotional nurishment and support I would experience. Nor had I any idea how much the encouragement, prompting, and inspiration my fellow bloggers would mean.  I wanna share that.

It has been my hearts desire, since I began to realize the power of the blogging community, to create a place for us to meet and mingle and keep each other encouraged as we move on in our  individual battles with FAT.  Whether you are a man or woman, obese or just a bit over weight, a writer or a reader; lets bind together and champion one another as we press onward toward the prize.  Then we can celebrate each journey’s end at the goal, all the while leaving a path of hope for others to discover.

Wanna be a member?  Well, just post a comment to that effect and we’ll get back with ya in a flash!  Happy Healthy EATING and Exercise to ya!


P.S  Just wanted to give a shout out to my girl lafemmeroar who helped me bring this idea to fruition.  You are the Bomb (I know that is way old but girl you are the BEST!)


lafemmeroar                      Fat smoker 2 Ironman                 Dean Jones

Dizi Dasiy                           OptiFast Loser                               OptiFast Blogger

A Leaner Me                       Yummy Mummy                            Were Jumpin’

Aurora                                   Grumpy                                        Testing True Change

cruz2lose                             Paul Bentley                                  Cookieless

Life’s Little Slices              FatGirlUSA                                  phat50chick

check J out                          David                                            a food addict

Jennifer                               Andie                                             Fortyininemonths

Am I R eally Fat              Jueseppi                                          Life with the Blonde

Keeping off 200

All amazing folks … check them out!

47 thoughts on “Butt Kicker’s Club

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  5. Can I be part of the Butt Kickers’ Club? I need to be here, as I have much more butt to kick. The good news is that because I’ve lost 50 pounds and am a regular at the gym, kicking my own butt has become a much easier task. 😉

  6. Shonnie, please count me in, too! 🙂 Thanks for finding my blog via Former Fat Chik’s. I’m so happy to have found yours now, too! I’m subscribing. 🙂

    The online community is a huge game changer in successfully kicking fat to the curb. I’m glad to be part of the club.

  7. Okay fellow BKCs I’ve stayed away from beef, pork, chicken and chips. I’ve recently learned how to make chocolate yogurt ice cream. I’m still eating a lot, but healthier … and I have lost a few yay! For now. Here’s hoping I don’t fall off the wagon.

    • Femme… sometimes a girl’s gotta eat what a girl’s gotta eat! We just can’t do it every night at midnight! That’s when you’ve fallen off the wagon… when it’s every night. Just stand up straight, pull up your big girl pants (that are shrinking, as Mike so eloquently pointed out to me on one of my comments), square your shoulders and get back in the game.

    • Wow! Lafe — as a mid night snack? Girl, don’t even make me come over there and smack ya! 😉 So, not that I know tons–but–did you eat good the rest of the day? As my pal Lindsey say’s if you are good 90% of the time the 10% off won’t hurt a bit. 😀 Maybe all isn’t lost.

      Beth is good at pulling up her big girl panties and getting back on down the road to weight loss … you should just give yourself a HUG, pull up your big girl panties (like I did) get your game on girl, cuz you KNOW you ROCK!

  8. I’m in and didn’t even know it! I saw your post on someone else’s blog and thought, “Wait! What?!” and here I am. Who knew?!

    Love you, Miss Shonnie! Here’s to you, me, and everyone else on here that’s kickin’ some serious booty whilst shrinking our lumps and bumps! And here’s to meeting again when we’re sporting even skinnier packages for our huge personalities!

    • You are in. I am so sorry I am so slow at this lately. 😀 Getting my rythm back has been hard. Do let me know when you reach goals and what post you would like me to link for you on the BK Wall of fame. 😀

    • Let me hug you Lafe! I hate probably a pound of nuts since my return from my vaca. I think if you only ate this one night … your willpower is safe. I will send you all my good thoughts and prayers for strength. Together we CAN do this!!!! 🙂 Tomorrow is another day. And will will both kick some butt! I’m just sayin’.

    • Yes you can, yes you can, yes you can. We KNOW you can, you KNOW you can. Now… you WILL… that’s all. LOL Just call us wind beneath your wings or some other such sucky but appropriate force of goodness that will keep your spirits lifted as you go onward and upward!

  9. Count me in. Love the title, nevermind the unity of purpose! Go Crazy Chick Butt Kickers Club, lol
    Sigh… off to count my calories… the only numbers I ever work with diligently… LOL Me too on the badges, Shonnie, I’m a tad behind all you techy gals… but behind you 100% I am 🙂

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