Tormented Screams of the Damned

img_1880-1***Trigger Warning*** we gone talk about da Poop!

And … No this isn’t a belated Halloween post.  It is just a day-in-the-life of this Angry Fat Woman–or at least the past two years. I am in a whiny mood today.  I am just sick of poop! I am pooped out!  Just completely pooped out!

For two years straight, Mike believes it has been three, I have had constant diarrhea.  I eat and I poop.  I poop until I have NO energy to do anything.  I have become one with every potty along my path in life.  I don’t go to the beach — unless there is a place to poop.  I am afraid of going for a cycle unless there is a place to poop.  I don’t go shopping unless I know where the bathrooms are–then, I barely go because I have no energy to shop.  Sadness.


No filter.  No makeup.  Just love. Think I will keep this goobus around for a bit longer.

Mike keeps joking that we need to write a book titled, “Shit Happens, a Mike and Shonnie love story.”  We bust out loud laughing when we talk about this, because we have some serious shit stories.  Funny as hell–but not exactly great chit-chat convos.  If I had great language skills I could crafty turn a word or phrase into a humorous tale of my pooping woes, but alas, one must have a brain in order to be crafty.  We will have to settle for my shoddy brain that is weak from … you got it … pooping!


I live off pedialite, and Imodium.  IF, if I could only remember to take my digest BEFORE I eat, things would be a lot better.   I am not sure exactly what it is going to take for me to remember.  I am worn out from making food.  I am doing good to make food–honestly Mike is making more and more of our meals.  I have little-to-no desire to eat and the only things I crave are grapes, toast, and cheese.  Don’t ask me why, I have NO clue why.  I sound like a pregnant woman with weird cravings. Yes, I am working with doctors to correct this problem, but DANGit, I am tired.

I know I have talked about this before, but dang it, I’m so tired.  I am tired of feeling tired.  I’m tired of having problems.  WE just got my meds to where I feel like doing anything and I am pooping my guts out, so I have no energy to even do anything with my desire to do stuff.  I walked twice yesterday, it was wonderful to be outside moving, but the pooping started up in force last evening and has me feeling wiped out.  Today, I made food and then, I forgot to take my digest and here we go pooping!

I’m tired of being tired.  I am tired of being sick.  This might be my life period.  Just how things go and I am going to have to figure a way around this.  I don’t intend to lay in my bed and watch my life go by and binging on Netflix!  Just saying.





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